Healing Music: Favourite Tracks to Crack Backs

Music has a transformative power, it can help make a positive impact on people suffering with a wide variety of illnesses. First of all, a handful of studies suggest that music can aid healing in various ways. Scientists believe that music reduces pain. Music’s rhythmic aspects can be used as a means to help healers and chiropractors deal with their patients. There is a philosophical basis for the integration of treatment using music therapy and chiropractic. A great way to generate an absolutely relaxing atmosphere for the client.

Here is a list of favourite tracks to crack backs showcasing the healing powers of music:


“A Chiropractic Adjustment” music video by the Los Angeles Spinchekers This is a collaboration music video between Los Angeles based chiropractors, Dr. Jeremy Brook and Dr. Mike Isseks. Their music features a funky, hip and relaxing beat. They believe that music helps amazingly in chiropractic adjustments and gets their patients reconnected to life!

Wholetones, “The Healing Frequency Project” by Michael S. Tyrell. A soothing and theraputic music CD with 7 new amazing musical tones found to relieve stress, promote healing, break negative cycles and restore sleep in minutes.

Salo Sounds, “Healing With Sound” by Salo Stanley, owner of Salo Sound and Healing Arts and is a chiropractor of 30 years. She provides wonderful sound therapy at client’s office, and uses tuning forks on Accupuncture Points. Light therapy, alpha wave machine to help patient’s relax and reduce stress.

Gregorian, Master’s of Chant” by the Gregorian, a German band headed byFrank Peterson that performs Gregorian chant-inspired versions of modern pop and rock songs. Guaranteed to offer ultimate relaxation.

George Tomes’ “Witchcraft” on Soundcloud. This is a great song and performance by George, a professional musician of 30 years. Dr. George Tomes now offers his talent as part of the philanthropic outreach of Chiropractic Wellness.  His music is centered on jazz and his wonderful rendition offers stress relief, relaxation, concentration and meditation.

Reiki Brightness Healing” by Oliver Shanti. This is a 70 minute CD containing the finest meditative music. This is perfect for therapy and deep meditation.

Scientist have discovered that music has the wonderful power to amaze humans, it is the universal language of mood, emotion and desire. Music connects us through a range of neural systems. Chiropractors believe apart from chiropractic services that music can achieve a perfect harmony and offer a good balance in life.