The Sounds of Digital Sex: Hot Tunes & Moves

Even the most sensual and erotic movies do need a background music to set the viewer’s mood and also the actors’, too. Since digital sex is as common as a one dollar bill today, porn and cam girl sites utilize hot tunes and moves to step up the “art” that they are making. As a matter of fact, the genre of music popular among live web cams and adult films is called porn groove, or what it was until the early 2000s.

According to descriptions found online, porn groove is the soundtrack used by pornographic films and is a genre that simulates such music. The most typical sound of digital sex back in the days was that produced by an electric guitar. Such kind of hot tunes helps in highlighting the thrusting and grinding in sexual scenes. Later on, the porn groove was replaced by dirty rap, mainly because of the increasing popularity of rap music in the early 2000s.

The Sounds of Digital Sex: Hot Tunes & Moves

The sexual music and dirty lyrics in dirty raps are among the few reasons why it became a favorite soundtrack of straight porn films and cam girl sites. However, in recent years, some amateur and professional porn productions are under the scrutiny of the music industry. Record companies are filing lawsuits to these film outfits for using copyrighted songs on their films. For instance, Reuters reported that Justin Timberlake’s hit “Sexyback” was used in a sex scene. There are also other instances where big pornographic companies, such as the Reality Kings, have sex scenes where the music of Michael Jackson and Katy Perry were playing in the background.

For amateur adult film productions, they peruse royalty free music that is available on certain websites. However, searching for the right background music that will fit in the scene is harder than it sounds (no pun intended).

In choosing the right type of music in porn, there are some considerations to weigh in order to avoid erections to shrivel. Yes, there seem to be certain music genres that will counter your sexual arousal. For instance, the funky music from electric guitars that was popular until year 2000 is now considered among the worst porn scores. Another example is cheesy romantic classics that have motivational lyrics.