The Sounds of Culinary Art

Hand up who listens to music when they cook? Is it music that you particularly like to cook to? Personally, I love to listen to passionate Italian and Spanish folk music, when I rattle the pans atop my stove. The Gypsy Kings can help me chop faster and find a rhythm for the expression of my culinary art. Cooking is pretty ancient and older, rootsier music makes sense for me when I wield my wooden spoon and iron frying pan. The basic elements of life are all in play when we are cooking. The flame atop the stove, if you are lucky enough to have gas or a wood fired camp stove, and all the primal factors involved in a timeless task like cooking.

Music Helps Me Cook

Hearing music with a steady and strong beat galvanises my commitment whilst I am engaged in the act of preparing good food for my loved ones. I love cooking and I have been told that I am a pretty good cook. I cooked commercially for several decades in restaurants and catering businesses. I can cook up a storm in no time at all and I can comfortably feed people in the hundreds. I have always had the energy to make vast quantities of delicious food to feed many guests. Music helps me cook.

A Good Kitchen Rocks

You do need a good kitchen, a well-appointed space in which to crank up the power and the passion. A well-designed kitchen is worth its weight in gold, when it comes to really good cooking. Explore this online example of great kitchen designs for both residential and commercial requirements. Life is too short to put up with a crap kitchen, which stresses you out instead of supporting your culinary art.  A good kitchen rocks, to put it into musical terms.

Without Music, Like Would Be a Mistake

I like to move my hips when I am cooking and listening to some of my favourite sounds. Even, for an oldie, like me, I can still muster a few dance moves when it really matters. Friederich Nietzsche wrote, that “without music, life would be a mistake.” Coming from an old sour puss like him that is rare praise indeed for the vibrational harmonic realm of music. Life without a bit of shimmying in the kitchen would, also, in my opinion, be less of a life. Life without music and delicious food would be poorer for it too.